Saturday, April 4, 2015

Growing Up

Unfortunately we've reached a point in time where CJ is growing up too fast. This became evident last night when he experienced his first major migraine that ended him ill in the bathroom. Today we decided was the day to teach him how to swallow a medicine pill. Mr. Steve's mom taught him how to swallow pills with this same tactic. I purchased a bag of M&M's and Mr. Steve gave the instructions. "If you can swallow an M&M without chewing it 10 times you can have the whole bag." 
He needed to break it into two segments 6 and then 4, but he earned his bag of M&M's. Hopefully with the "pleasure" of sweet child's ibuprofen a thing of the past he can correctly regulate his need for medicine and swallow a pill to prevent future extreme migraines. Wish us luck! 

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