Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Month Gone By...

With great expectations come great challenges.  And this month has had its fair share of challenges. We spent some time dealing with EMan at the hospital who swallowed something odd (he thought it was a rubber band bracelet but I never did find out).  Turns out he's ok.  I guess it's amazing what one can swallow and be just fine.  However, don't try it at home.  Then I spent 4 days with my neck and back muscles frozen from stress and had to get some help from my awesome sister-in-law massage therapist in order to even move.
CJ saved all the worms we found as we trenched an 18 foot long and 18 inch deep perimeter for the chicken run.
 Shortly thereafter we had an animal (hawk or owl is the educated guess) kill two of our backyard chickens, which prompted some serious clean up followed by some serious building.  The greenhouse that the chickens were living in had finally broken and they were able to escape, so a new coop and run had to be built immediately.
 I feel super proud of myself now that I have learned to roof.  I have a new appreciation for roofers and construction workers of all sorts.  That's hard work!
 Now, though not completed, the chickens have an ultra secure locked down facility to roam and dig for worms.  Hawks and owls not welcome, nor any other predator for that matter.
 Along with our yard clean up was the construction of a new garden bed in the front yard.  It required a dump truck of 3.5 cubic yards of planters mix dumped on the road and wheelbarrow-ed to the site.  Good thing I had helpers!
 After all that dirt moving we painted the bed, finished cleaning up the yard and had sprinklers installed.  The install I didn't do by myself because I may have forgotten to mention it, but I did most of the work up to this point by myself with the help of CJ and EMan because Mr. Steve had three weeks of work outside of the state...

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