Monday, January 18, 2016

Seriously Messy Fun - States of Matter - Solids

In kindergarten at our one day a week homeschool program we're spending the month of January exploring states of matter as we talk about how the world works.  States of matter is easily shown through water since the liquid/freezing/steam temperatures are easily achieved in the classroom.  The first week in January we explored ice, water, and steam.  Last week we focused only on ice as a solid.
 We made lists of attributes of a solid and played with ice all day long.  We started off with an ice painting activity.  This worked so well.  The colors were phenomenal and the kids had a blast.  I had frozen ice cubes with food coloring mixed in and then let the kids go wild.  When they were done with their paintings we dabbed off the extra liquid with paper towels.  The paintings dried more quickly than any of our other art has which made it easy to put away and move on to playing with ice blocks and "fishing for ice cubes".  
Next week - liquids!