This year I am happy to introduce Tutoring with Miss Amanda.  I have SO many parents who want me to continue with preschool so that younger siblings can benefit from the programs and experiences that I have offered to tot school and preschool kids over the last 5 years.  Tutoring is my compromise.  I cannot offer any more preschool classes, but I am happy to help guide you to teach your child to read and learn the building blocks of math.

If you are interested in setting up an interview to further discuss tutoring (provided in Aurora, CO near Quincy Reservoir) please contact me at littleadventurespreschool {at} gmail {dot} com.
Before enrolling your child in Tutoring with Miss Amanda, please:
1. Engage in a personal interview prior to the first day of tutoring.
2. Read through and become familiar with these Tutoring Policies. You will be required to sign a contract that indicates you have read, understand, and agree to ALL the policies as outlined.
3. Pay the registration fee ($35).  The registration fee covers materials that your child will use throughout our sessions and occasionally at home.  The registration fee is due upon enrollment and then yearly in August.


Tutoring is an open ended one-on-one or small group experience that allows Miss Amanda to guide your child to excel in their educational pursuits.  With a degree in Elementary Education and 12 years of experience teaching preschoolers and young elementary students to read and understand math Miss Amanda has the knowledge and resources to engage students and enable them to excel.  Miss Amanda’s primary focus of expertise is in reading and math, preK through 2nd grade.  

Tutoring is as customizable as each child is unique.  You may have a focus of reading, math or both reading and math.  You may choose from twice weekly, weekly, or twice monthly options.  You may also choose 30 minute or 60 minute sessions.

Tutoring sessions take place in the home of Miss Amanda.  Students are to be dropped off and picked up according to a previously set schedule.

Miss Amanda will provide your child with resources both in physical form and digital form.  She is happy to guide students through work provided by the student’s school; however it is preferred to utilize tutoring sessions to work on skills through programs provided by Miss Amanda.  

I know that student success is due largely to the support they receive at home.  Tutoring sessions will be fully communicated about via email in order to fully engage the parents with at home activities to support their child’s learning.


Rates and Fees: Tutoring is $25 per hour, $15 per half hour for a single student.  Occasionally two students have the same needs and would work well together.  Tutoring in a small group has to be preapproved by Miss Amanda.  Small group tutoring (2 students at the same time) is $40 per hour, $25 per half hour.

Payment for tutoring is due before the session.  Payment may be pre-paid monthly or per session.

The registration fee will cover the initial materials; however occasionally materials will need to be purchased by the family to continue learning at home.  It is highly suggested that students have access to a computer and/or a tablet (such as a Kindle or iPad).  Miss Amanda provides a number of apps and subscriptions to students, some apps may have a small app store fee. The registration fee is due upon enrollment and then yearly in August.

Absences:  If you will be missing tutoring for any reason please text  or email Miss Amanda  at least 24 hours in advance.  Occasionally it will be necessary for Miss Amanda to cancel a session.  Missed or canceled sessions may be rescheduled within 4 weeks.  After 4 weeks the reschedule opportunity is forfeited. 

Drop Off and Pick Up:   Please be on time to tutoring sessions.  We will end at the prescheduled time regardless of when your child arrives. Please drop off quickly, it makes an easier transition into learning. Please be prompt in picking up your child. Late pick up will be charged $10 per occurrence.

Authorized Adults for Pick Up:  Children will be released only to their parents or to an adult who is authorized by the parents.  Please list authorized adults on the contract form.

Scheduling:  Scheduling is flexible; however a consistent schedule works best.  Please speak with Miss Amanda directly about what time slot you’d like for tutoring.  Adjustments may be made along the way as individual needs arise.

Extreme Weather Closures:  In case of extreme weather conditions, if the School District is closed, please contact Miss Amanda to set up a FaceTime/Skype session or to reschedule.

Contact Information:  I must have numbers where parents can be reached.  It is extremely important that these numbers be kept current so that I may reach you when necessary.  My cell phone number is - - -, texts are preferred to phone calls.  

Accidents: I will maintain the home, equipment and manipulatives in a safe condition.  Small bumps, scrapes and bruises are bound to happen.  I believe in movement.  Activities like jumping on the tramp while reading words on the white board happen a lot.  In the case of anything more serious parents will be contacted immediately.


o   Please leave toys in the car or at home.  Water bottles are welcome.
o   Before the first day of tutoring, students must be three years old and potty trained.
o   Students should bring the materials provided by Miss Amanda to tutoring at each session.


Miss Amanda follows the Love and Logic approach to raising responsible kids.  She honestly believes that working one-on-one or in small groups for tutoring will have minimal opportunity for behavioral issues.  Miss Amanda will provide purposeful activities and interaction to make the tutoring time well spent. Miss Amanda believes in the embedded use of technology throughout education.  Items such as computers, SmartBoards and iPads will be used. Students are expected to be able to utilize these items appropriately. Any issues that arise will be discussed with the parent.

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