Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome Back!

So it seems that this blog has been much neglected in the last year.  Homeschooling life is busy and I found that the last thing I wanted to do was head down to the dark basement to write about it.  It became a chore and I didn't have any clear expectations about what I was going to write about and such.  I've decided that I'll let go of any expectations and not stress so much about appealing to a certain audience.  I'll share what's going awesome in our day, I'll share what's not great.  Some posts may be 50 words and a picture.  Some posts may go on and on forever with tons of excitement about education and awesome homeschool stuff.

Here's a little food for thought for those of you interested in education.  I've watched it about a zillion times and I finally stopped to take notes and ponder about how it applies to my life and those I'm helping to educate.


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