Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Opportunity Taken!

Every Wednesday morning, CJ and I work on his homeschool work until it's time for preschool to start.  Once preschool starts CJ works independently on assignments not finished or is free to play (he generally chooses Minecraft) until preschool is over. Today I had planned to read the first Magic Tree House Book "Dinosaurs Before Dark" to the preschoolers while they were playing with dinosaurs in the sandbox.  I thought it would make a great opportunity for CJ to practice his read aloud on a text that is just above his reading level.  He has heard the book about a million times though and did a great job reading it.  He ended up reading 2 of the 10 chapters to the class, at quite a remarkable level of fluency.  I'm so proud of him for starting us off so well! 

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