Monday, August 19, 2013

Not the Best of Times

Homeschooling is not always the best of times.  We have moments that we struggle with every day.  We're continuing to work on number identification up to the #30 with a 100 chart and the straws pocket chart.  In order to make the work easier I requested that CJ order his number cards from 0-9.  This started a complete melt down and tantrum.  Sometimes we have to note that our child is having a tantrum because the work is in a frustrational stage (meaning it's too difficult for them), sometimes we have to recognize that everyone has bad days or mornings/evenings and it'd be better to pick it up again at another time, sometimes we have to recognize that they are pushing buttons and pulling strings to get out of something and we'd do better to hold our ground as the parent.  It's hard being a parent and figuring this out, but wouldn't you rather figure it out than let a teacher with 25 or even 30 other kids to attend to try and figure it out?  There are great teachers out there, but the quality that an individualized instruction provides our kids is worth the extra work, knowledge and relationship that we will build with them.   

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