Sunday, August 4, 2013

Learning to Type

Learning to type seems to be a very important task that kids start to do at a younger and younger age.  I used to be "pushing the envelope" when I started a typing club for my 2nd graders (7-8 year olds) just over 7 years ago.  Now my Kindergartner (a 4 year old) is using the same software and being just as successful as they were.  The software is old and will only work on an older computer but it is worth having that older computer hang around to be a kids computer.  The software is a CD-ROM called Disney's Adventures in Typing with Timon and Pumbaa.  If you have a computer to run it on it is SO worth it, but check the specks first.
My boys play this for hours.  The learn to sit up straight (oops, I'm severely slouching right now), keep their feet on the floor and their fingers on home row.  They practice a series of letters and spaces and then they get to play the "shooting bugs" game.  I've found it universally exciting for both boys and girls.  They learn to type letters first (in a specific sequence of home row first followed by keys that involve reaching).  After they've mastered the letters (it keeps track of accuracy and they can't move on until they get a certain percent correct) they get to move onto higher and higher levels, typing words and then even paragraphs.

I find it's an awesome game that CJ pulls up during his independent study time.  He's practicing the basics of reading and learning exciting new computer skills at the same time. 

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