Thursday, August 22, 2013

Library Visits and a Start of Narration

We stopped at the library yesterday to start getting acquainted with what was there.  CJ was very excited to pull different books off the shelf and look through them.  He asked me to read a number of different passages in nonfiction text that was interesting to him.  One of the reasons that we stopped there was because CJ will be having a community drama class there every week and I know from experience that if I expose him to a new surrounding before he has to participate in anything he does much better.  Plus, making a visit to the library every week seems like the right thing to do as a homeschooling family. 
One of the lessons that we'll be working on all school year is narration.  It's the idea of reading a text once and being able to retell the story in your own words with some quotes from the text and oodles of details.  CJ really struggles with this so we're working on short stories first.  I hope that this will also help him be able to tell us about his day with more detail.  Today we narrated Pete the Cat and CJ was so funny in his narration.  He even sang a bit of the song from the book to me.  Narration comes from the Charlotte Mason approach to education.  I tend to read many different ideas and books throughout the summer, pick and choose what I like from each of them, and try to apply them throughout the school year.  The chance of me reading another philosophy book until next summer is really slim to none, how about you?

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