Sunday, October 11, 2015

Options 10-09-15

We began writer's workshop in Options on Friday.  We shared our ideas about how authors make books and how we could be authors, then we got busy making our first books.  You should have found your child's book in their backpack.  Some students did not finish as writing a book can take a long time, they are welcome to bring it back and continue working on it next week or finish it up at home.
 Our second week into our body study and we're learning a ton.  We continued learning about the parts of blood and what it does for our body.  We also were able to finish gluing the printouts of essential organs, bones and muscles to our body maps.  We'll continue working on our body maps for two more weeks adding information about germs and information about the passions of our hearts and minds.
EMan in Options today.  He wrote a book about different kinds of ships for writers workshop, sorted long and short vowel words and finished adding the last pieces to his body map.

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