Monday, October 12, 2015


This summer our homeschool group started a monthly activity with a local nursing home.  Our first activity was a Luau.  It was quite a learning experience for three introverted moms to go to a new place and put on an activity where we didn't know anyone.  It turned out fantastic!  After this experience I realized that CJ would be the most to benefit from going each month.  He talked and talked about how wonderful it was to visit the nursing home and make new friends.  We had big sandbox sensory bins on 6 tables throughout the room that the kids and some of the residents engaged in playing with.  Our goal was to create an environment where the kids could do something so common to them and therefore engage in interaction with people they had never met before.  CJ worked at a table where three women thought he was the cat's meow.  It was so fun to watch their interactions.  We also did a few activities like limbo where the kids got to do it and then we walked the limbo stick around the room and lifted it over the residents who where chair bound to let them participate as well.  We learned a lot and look forward to going every month.

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