Monday, August 24, 2015

Phew! We can now move forward!

Wow! Where do I even begin? Life here in the past few months have been CRAZY! The short story: we hired a contractor to remodel the basement/homeschool room. We made some poor choices and he ran off with our money :(. After a lot of heartache and searching we found a variety of new experts to complete the job. 3 months into our 2 week job and now it's officially finished. Yay!
Finally adding drywall

Adding paint

And now carpet

building in the bookshelves
Organizing and filling the bookshelves
adding in a door
making an under stair pantry
Finished pantry 
We tend to school year round about 4 days a week with vacations here and there.  It is so nice to now have the schoolroom all set up so we can find the materials we need right away.  It certainly beats digging through the Pod on the street.  More on our awesome school year plans coming soon: now that the computer is hooked up and we're starting to roll with some enthusiasm.  :)

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