Friday, February 27, 2015

The Bloodmobile

A week ago our homeschool group, LEARN, had a fun activity based on They Might Be Giants Here Comes Science The Bloodmobile.  My boys have loved that album forever and we decided to explore some of the songs for deeper understanding.  My hope is that when they listen to the songs in the future they'll remember the hands on activities that made the lyrics make sense. I've written a little bit about the development of this lesson idea already the origin of the idea in Finally Looking Forward and a midweek blog Schoology, Minecraft and Fitbits make Science. I decided to put together a quick video of how the project turned out, I hope you enjoy it!

My  ultimate favorite quote from the interviews of the kids, "I killed germ-bies." (pronounced like zombies, just "germ" instead of "zom")

And because I'm growing tired of listening to myself explain how cool this project was and how it became an inspiring and energizing activity that will lead our future activities, I asked another mom what she thought:

From the perspective of a homeschool mom:

"The bloodmobile was a wonderful educational experience that used multiple platforms of hands-on experiential learning and the utilization of technology.  Schoology listed the assignments and provided instructions including an amusing video and book.  My children are in the beginning states of using an iPad and enjoyed exploring Schoology.  I was impressed at how simple the process was to use and was grateful for the step by step instructions.  One aspect of the blood mobile learning experience was a virtual Minecraft Realm where the kids got the opportunity to explore the human body.  My children have had little to no computer experience and have never used a mouse.  It was awesome to watch my oldest learn to navigate through the human body and recognize the brain, heart, lungs, intestines, stomach, etc.  The last component that brought the entire experience to life was the Bloodmobile homeschooling group session where the video was watched again followed by a red water bead sensory activity that ended with all the students exploring the Minecraft human body simultaneously.  The song from the video is constantly being sung throughout my home as the girls discuss blood cells, plasma, antibodies, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients.  At dinner, my girls explained to my husband how broccoli turns into nurients that feeds the cells.  They were so excited about what they had learned that they wanted to share the video, book, Minecraft body and sensory learning experience with him. I was very pleased with the entire experience."

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