Monday, January 6, 2014


How convenient is it that we've been using the MythBusters Science Fair Books to pick what we're doing for our monthly science days with our group and that the museum is hosting the MythBusters exhibit?  It was awesome!  My boys have loved the show MythBusters forever.  I'm fairly certain we've seen every episode, possibly a million times.  At the exhibit we were able to see many pieces from the shows and even get some hands on experimenting and myth busting as well. 
 It was a very well organized exhibit and I absolutely love how hands on it is.  If you're in the area I'd suggest you check it out, and if your not in the area watch for it to come to your museum.  It's super cool!
 I think the boys were most enthralled by the machine arrow shooter.  They currently have a love for all things archery.   We had such a great time learning and extending our understanding from our science studies to this exhibit.

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